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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bird & A Near Empty Flowering Crabapple

Cedar Waxwings are beautiful birds that travel in large flocks. We had a few come into the crab apple tree & I hoped they were the only ones, a small flock. Of course, I was wrong, they were the scouting party apparently. Soon after a huge flock came by & pretty much took care of the berries/tiny apples on the flowering crab. It's kind of frustrating, on one hand I'm glad to see these birds & glad to feed them, on the other, there goes a big food source for the ruffed grouse & the pileated woodpecker. It is as it should be someone told me recently, he's right. Deep breath & some pics of the pileated coming up next.

Well, you're getting the pileated now.  I'm glad he comes around.

Here's a waxwing.  Note the branches in the background, pretty bare.

The Daily DoeBuck

I know I've been leaning a lot to the masculine side in The Daily Doe feature, but I've been slacking about getting more doe pics.  As usual, it's not a such a big deal, but, well, yeah I'm a slacker.

As usual, dear reader, click 'em to big 'em.

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