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Saturday, October 9, 2010

OK, So I Thought I Wouldn't Get A Post Done Today Since I'd Be Out Camping But I Discovered Via My ITouch That I Had A WiFi Signal So Here You Are With A Special Treat

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Lake Superior just off the mouth of the Brule River.  The wind is from the northeast which should drive some fish up into the river.

Two eagles just up from the mouth of the Brule.  They appeared very tame & if I had a longer lens I would have really had some close ups.  I know, bitch, bitch, bitch.

Another photo of the 2 bald eagles.

& another, but only of one of the 2 eagles.  I guess y'all could have guessed at that.

& another.

I got a little artsy-fartsy with this one.  I kind of like it.

More of the lower Brule.

This is the place we had dinner tonight.  It was fine.  We had about the best pizza I've eaten since the Pizza Luce pizza I had down in Minneapolis with the darling daughter,  Oh, & there was also a great looking young bartender who had a lot of great ideas, including his notion of hunting bears with dogs as an execution rather than a hunt.  I couldn't agree more.

My friend's Trooper & camper.  

More wind off the mouth of the Brule.

& now the big surprise, The Daily Doe in video.  This is from my game camera, which can take short video clips.  I have a pretty funny one of a young male deer scratching his ear, but, as you know a male deer can't be a doe unless I use my super powers (see below) & determine that he is in fact a genetic anomaly - a doe with antlers.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Did A Sub Job Today So Had Time To Think About What A Lame Game Baseball Has Become Since The Powers That Be Insist On Behaving As If It Were A Hundred Years Ago. Short Version - The Umpiring Sucks, The Game Needs Instant Replay

Frankly, my dear, I just don't give much of a damn for baseball.  The mere fact that they are stuck way in the past is enough for me to not give much of a damn even if Bud Selig looked like Vivien Leigh.  On to the pics.  Oh, yeah, if you want the pics bigger, well, CLICK 'EM TO BIG 'EM.

This is my brother-in-law doing what his family does best - helping me out regarding any, & I mean any, carpentry related endeavors.  We needed to put a new roof on our sauna.  I'll have an updated photo soon.  The back side of the bathhouse, the one you can't see in this view, is finished, more of less, i.e., the metal is on.  I'm in the process of planing some cedar down to use on the underside of the eaves & for some siding on the sides.  It's going to be great.  Then all I have to do is do a bit of rearranging the hot room, put in some vapor resistant lighting inside, & make the door a bit bigger.  

I just love swans, particularly indigenous swans, not the lousy mute variety which were imported from England or somewhere.  These birds were enjoying themselves a bit east of the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area.

More of the lovely curved neck swans.  They are just so erotic.  

This is a Common Goldeneye flying toward Lake Superior at what we call Long Bridge, which is just west of Ashland, Wisco & just west of Short Bridge.    I'd guess this duck is about 100 yards south of the lake.  Goldeneyes are the most frustrating ducks to hunt, since you can hear them flying, they whistle, & they usually hit the water just outside your farthest set of decoys.  

Black phase gray squirrel showing me what he thinks of me.  I find the black just gorgeous - lustrous.  I want to kill the bugger so I can use the tail & fur for tying some flies - like a wooly bugger - I'd dub the fur, after I chopped it up in a coffee grinder, one Mrs. coldH2Owi or The Darling Daughter won't find or if they do they won't mind, & then wind a nice saddle hackle through the body.  Alas, there will be no shooting of this or any other gray squirrel, since they are actually a bit rare around here.  Red squirrels however....

This is a picture of a Brunsweiler River Bald Eagle.  This bird was eyeballing the river for lunch.  I was able to get several shots before he/she flew off upstream.  I wish I had a longer lens, but you've heard that story before.

& now The Daily Doe.  This deer is presently living along County Highway E in Bayfield Country, Wisco.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Found Two Can Openers With My Metal Detector Today But You Won't See A Picture Of Them Today Because Today I Stopped At An Abandoned Black Granite Quarry So There Plus Patience Is A Virtue & Builds Character But Patience Could Be A Vulture & Then What Does It Build?

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This is an almost complete reflection from a granite quarry pond west of Mellen, Wisco.  Almost because in the lower left is a non-reflected piece of granite.

This is a another pic of the granite quarry pond.  I sure wish the graffiti wasn't there, but....

More quarry & reflection.  It was really neat being there this late afternoon.

More quarry.  Apparently, a piece of granite from this quarry is part of JFK's grave-site/gravestone.

Since I was not about to swim across the quarry pond with paint remover, I have embraced the paint & made it part of myself or something like that.

A dead tree standing next to the boat landing on Potter Lake.

Oops, more quarry.  I pretty much fell in love again today.  I promise this is the last one.

Sunset from the town road approaching coldH2Owiville.  Sunsets are great everywhere I think unless you don't want the daylight to end because you left your flashlight at home or in your car & your a couple of miles away from your car.

Alright, alright.  Here she is, The Daily Doe

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

With My Vast Superpowers Developed Pre-Sparkle In My Parent's Eyes In Northern Europe, I Can Discern That This Is A Future Female, Cute, Huh?

The Daily Doe

It's Hard Staining A Deck In October Even If The Temperature Is In The Low 70's What With Trying To Dodge The Falling Leaves & Wishing You Were Doing Anything But This

This is the deck mentioned in the title of this post. Note the leaves. It's hard to tell the color of the semi-transparent stain - it's sorta red, sorta brown, more red than brown.  Anyway, the first coat of stain is done.

This is one of the elk that were released south of coldH2Owiville.  Note the collar, it's a radio collar, not an adornment developed by the elk to prettify themselves.  This cow was one of a harem I saw along the side of the highway.  I didn't see the bull this day.  

It is gratifying to see that at least some living thing that breathes air is happy to flirt with me.  

More of the elk.  Man they are big.  Too bad they are Rocky Mountain elk rather than the indigenous Eastern or Woodland elk that have been extinct in Wisco since 1886.

This one of The Babies just about to somersault.  Note the tag fox paw.  Since it is one of The Babies we shall not speak of it again. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Went For A Walk Today, My Feet Hurt, But I Did Get Some Pics Of The Spring Brook Falls Without Falling

There is a fungus amongus, in fact, two.

Upper* Spring Brook Falls

Upper* Spring Brook Falls

Upper* Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Spring Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

Lower** Spring Brook Falls

* & ** - I have no idea what the name of the two falls are so I just named them Upper* & Lower** for convenience, my convenience.

NOTE:  To make 'em bigger, just click 'em.  Sometimes it helps.

Oh, yeah --

The Daily Doe

Monday, October 4, 2010

Doe In Harvested Corn Field Late In The Day

Eagles Twins Pumpkins Tough Guys Oh My

Eagle On Conley Road 1

Eagle On Conley Road 2

There's A Rock In My Bibs

Fraternal Twin Boys On The Right; Identical Twins Girls On The Left (There's a Singleton Baby Boy Somewhere, But He Can't Walk Yet & Prefers To Sleep)

I Am Woman, Hear Me Rip Trees Right Out Of The Earth

Watch Out Charles Atlas

Very Tired After Apple Fest

NOTE: I want to tell you that I cropped the hell out of the eagle pictures. I am saving my pennies for a longer lens.