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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Later In The Day, No It Didn't Get Much Better

Goose eating at Washburn's Memorial Park.

Canada geese at Ashland, Wisco's West End Beach.

Gull & tree at Washburn.

More eating in Washburn.

Mallard West End Beach, Ashland, Wisco.

Rough day on the bay.  Lots of flotsam & jetsam piling up on the beach.

If you want you can click 'em to big 'em.

Geese at Ashland, Wisco's West End Beach


**(If you do click this one to big it you will be able to see the tongue of the goose on the left.)**

West End Beach Geese Again

The geese finally had enough of me & moved on to a place less populated by people with cameras.





Gull on the beach.

A hard day on the bay.  The power plant is on the right & the famous, but soon to be destroyed, Ashland oredock is in the background.

A mourning dove greeted me when I got home.  Pretty bird.

The Daily Doe

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Bah, Again, Just Bah Bah Bah

& no, it ain't pretty, OK?

Last night.


This a.m.

Click 'em to big 'em if you want, bah, you don't have to, I wouldn't.

The Daily Doe

Shoulder study.

Monday, April 25, 2011

1 & 11 Are Not The Same

This bug flew past & just dropped the hell dead.  Weird.

I'm going to be sitting in a blind, in front of a lek very early Thursday morning, to watch sharptail grouse involve themselves in pre-sex ritual.  Yes, we will be peeking through small holes in the blind to observe & photograph the wooing.  Should be fun.

Here's a hole in the ground near the blind.

Sharptail grouse habitat.

This is the lek that we will be observing.

Click 'em to big 'em, if you want to.

Little white flowers on the beach of a small lake in the Moquah Barrens.

A little visitor to coldH2Oville.  No the Easter Bunny didn't drop it off for Mrs. coldH2O, just a cute little girl to hang with for awhile.

The Daily Doe