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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coyote, Raccoon, & More In Store For You, Dear Looker

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Here's the first coyote I have caught on my game cameras. Disregard the date on the photo, I replaced the batteries & did not reset the date.

The raccoon is leaving the scene of the meal & salt deposit. Again, disregard the date shown on the photo.

& now some ravens, fast becoming a favorite bird here in coldH2Oville & in my heart as well.  Oh yeah, disregard the dates on the raven's photos.





The Daily Doe

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Bonus Photo:  Tab's Eye

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Babies & The Kids Were Up This Last Weekend So Here You Go

Right of the bat I lie, this photo was taken a couple of years ago at Little Girl's Point on Lake Superior.

Saturday was the big day - Grandma's birthday.

Dada & The Babies.

Grandma & The Babies fishing.  The early season is open, I think.  

More fishing.

The "children" enjoying breaking the ice on the creek.  

The Babies.


Animal tracks.

Random B & W


Boiling down about 25 gallons of maple sap.

Xmas cactus with more coming in.


& you thought I would forget, c'mon, admit it, you thought I would forget, heh

The Daily Doe