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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day & Stuff

Here's the front of the Valentine's Day card I received from Mrs. coldH2Owi. The lips are edible chocolate, a known aphrodisiac.

& here's the inside of the card. Hmmm, seems a bit risqué to me.

Early a.m. Black Cat Coffeehouse patron, along with a cute barista.

Baker making a phone call outside the bakery early in the a.m.  Hmmm?  No more spelt?

Now the blasted baker is in the coffee shop looking, well, caffeine deprived, I suppose.  The look in the other patron's eyes is a bit suspicious, however.  & the cute barista is smiling, smiling, I tell you.  What's going on?

Here's a chickadee-dee-dee-dee sitting at the oil seed feeder.  

& here he/she is taking off, somewhere, maybe a small limb on which to wait until I leave the room, or put the camera down.

Here's K. another early a.m. Black Cat customer carrying, I asked, OK?, cupcakes.  & no, I didn't get to try any.

We've had a few days of nice, warm (for us) weather lately.  The following photos are of the snow curling from the sauna roof.





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