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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Variety Pack

Billy Creek unfreezing.

I got this Land Cruiser so I could work on it when I got old.  I'm now old & I think I like the tree growing between the rear bumper & the body.

We had a pretty cool, as in neat, foggy morning last week.  Here's the documentation.

The is the first building ever built here in coldH2Oville.  We used slabs from the cutting of the original cants as the siding. It was a chicken coop.  Now, I think, a skunk keeps house somewhere in or under the building.  I find it sort of unbelievable that it's still standing.

More of the foggy woods.

The Daily Doe.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Local, In House Fauna & Flora

Spiders.  The first photo has both a spider & a fly that has been pretty much wrapped up.

This sitting is tough, but somebody has to do it, I suppose.  Tab Benoit, the cat.

You looking at me?  You looking at me?

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Game camera raccoon.

Gravity?  What's gravity?  I rule the bird feeders, see, I rule.

 xmas cactus blooming like crazy.  Notice, however, the snow outside.

& yer
The Daily Doe

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Of The Year's First Robin & April, Damn April, Snow

The first robin of the year is hanging around.  





Here's the result of the snowstorm a couple of days ago.  Yuck.

Snow sucks, big time, all the time.

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& here she is, 
The Daily Doe