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Friday, December 24, 2010

OK, I Wish You A Merry Effing Xmas On This Blog As Well, So Listen Up & Enjoy

Crap, Done Forgot The Daily Doe

xmas eve Post Very Early xmas eve Post

As usual, click 'em to big 'em.

A lone snow blower on Chapple Ave., Ashland, Wisco after a recent snowfall.

Mass American Goldfinch take off.  I'd like to blame the cat, Tab Benoit, but I think this was my fault.

American Goldfinch coming in for a landing.

Great camo.  Even though I was quite close to this ruffed grouse, I had a difficult time locating him in the viewfinder.

Even in glass our first Gordon Setter, Pakko, points the bird.  He was a great dog & I made a ton of mistakes with him, but to his credit, he accepted my mistakes & went on to teach me quite a bit about birds, bird dogs, & myself.  I miss him a lot.  He was a beautiful dog, great head, nice top line & not a giant.

I've got me eye on you.

More grouse.

More ruffed grouse, this only snagging a flowering crab apple berry or apple or whatever they call them.  All I know is that the grouse love them.

The Penokees, not particularly towering, eh?

When the not so towering Penokees have some clouds hanging low, they are really hanging low.

Some of Mrs. coldH2Owi's xmas decor. I particularly like the shotgun shell Santa on the far left.  Very cool.

More decor.

xmas tree on the floor warming up.

xmas tree up with just the lights installed.

Sarah, happy at the Black Cat or not so happy with the photographer.  One of the good things about the Black Cat is that children are around.  For old geezers like me, that's a big plus.  & for the most part, the children of the DFHs that come in the coffee shop are well behaved in all the right ways.  Plus, they generally talk to you.

An attempt to solve a knot in my right hip.  A little relief, not much. The wiring in the thing is a bit fouled up so it isn't quite working properly.

The Daily Doe & A Buck Again

Well folks, that's all for xmas eve a.m.  There will be much more to come.  The Babies will be coming on Monday, so we get to have xmas a.m. all over again.  Great!

If you haven't figured it out yet,
Actually, it does help to get a better sense of the subject.  
Sometimes. Later gators.