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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Black Cat & Some Squirrels & The Deer, Of Course

Male Black Cat patron.

Female Black Cat patron unfortunately married to the male Black Cat patron shown above.

Jon, male Black Cat patron doing the crossword puzzle before leaving to not cook in the local high school's kitchen.  He makes great soup, however, so maybe they ought to let him cook.

Black phase gray squirrel.




*Look in the upper right of the photo.  He's on a sapling going up.  Or you can 
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The red, or pine, squirrel.  This little terror is the scourge of the bird feeders.  He/she will challenge any other creature, no matter how big.  Yesterday, while my Flip video camera sat quietly in my man purse, a red chased a gray, at least twice as big as the red, all the way across the front yard, across the driveway, & a few yards into the woods.  I kill red squirrels.  I don't eat them, but I use the hide & tail for fly tying.  Gray squirrels are great for fly tying as well, plus they are good eating.  There is a bit of a problem in the coldH2Owi household concerning the killing of gray squirrels, however, so I don't shoot them, although I really want to shoot one.

The sauna in snow.

The Brunsweiler River again.

The Daily Doe, sneaking up version.

Bonus pic.  This is the first buck of 2010 caught on one of my game cameras.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Hell With The Eggs, This Is My Basket

So sayeth Tab Benoit, the CAT.

He also sayeth that you can click 'em to big 'em.

Mrs. coldH2Owi spent the weekend down in Minneapolis with The Kid taking a basket weaving class.  They walked around Fort Snelling cutting will & dogwood for their baskets.  Then they sat down & took instruction on how to weave a basket.  I don't know about The Kid, but Mrs. coldH2Owi was making an egg basket.  She got home, set the basket on the counter & was quickly disabused of that notion.  









Bonus super-crop:

Super double bonus:

The Daily Doe II
Running like crazy from something that went bump in the night, or something.

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Jesus on a Ritz, I said, really suggested, that you


Sorry For The Lack Of Posting - Been Busy, Sort Of, Doing xmas Stuff

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Brunsweiler River

Downtown Ashland, Wisco, Early One Morning

Patrons of The Black Cat Coffee House, Ashland, Wisco

More Black Cat

Another Cat patron, bald-headed variety.

The lonely Land Cruiser, someday maybe, eh?

The lonely & empty blind.

 The non-lonely Barb, Black Cat patron.

 The non-lonely & young Krista.  Also a cute Cat patron.

& now for something completely different - The Babies & their art.

Pumpkin Art I.

Pumpkin Art II.

Pumpkin Art III.*

 The Babies displaying their Princess Chair creation.**

xmas cactus.



The Daily Doe, or The Ear & more.

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*The Babies carefully removed my toothpicks from my personal toothpick carrier.  No harm was done, I just have an artistic toothpick holder, albeit not as portable as the previous one.

**The Babies, for some reason, are excited about the upcoming royal nuptials in the UK.  I think their mother is the excited one, she sees it as a reason to host a party.