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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010 In All Its Glory

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Well, here's what happens when a person is 61 years old & allows his kid to dress him.


Tchoupa the cat checking out the Halloween treats.  He approved.

Here's a pic of the neighborhood kids in front of the party house.  

Four of the youngsters on Halloween night.  They were all pretty cool.

Marigny & Lucy Pre- Trick or Treating.

Mama, Dada & Lucy carving a pumpkin with the Roto-Zip.  



The family: Lucy, Dada, Mama, Grandma, Cousin Maggie, Marigny

The absolute cutest Trick or Treaters in all the world - Marigny - Lucy  - Princess Fairies.

Dada looking all puffy shirted & piratey although he's no Johnny Depp.

Grandma & the Princess Fairies

Lucy practicing with her new magic wand, a gift from Grandma Witch

Lucy practicing her Moe move.  She knows it's better to use a skull that a real person

Lucy paying homage to the Great Peace Pumpkin

The Princess Fairies Trick or Treating

I'd be scared of this guy, but the Princess Fairies have confidence in their ability to quickly cast spells

This guy seems happy Halloween is over.  That or he had too much to drink or he's dreaming of moving to Canada, especially after what will happen tonight, election night, in what may be the stupidest country in the world

Tchoupa seems, well, he's glad the Princess Fairies turned the large bear into a small, cuddly bear.  He is also happy to be tucked in with some pretty blankets.  He's a great cat, so he does expect to be treated in this manner, after all, he's a New Orleans feline.

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