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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ice Fishing Weekend With The Kids & The Babies Plus A Relative*

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The son-in-law - banished?

Biggest Bluegill of the weekend caught by the Darling Daughter.  The son-in-law probably tied for the biggest, but his father isn't posting this.

This is the smallest perch I have ever seen caught with hook & line.  

The Babies collecting cat-tail fuzz.  Fun, fun, fun.



Mama ostracized? The relative is standing at the far left.

Marigny putting to shame my feeble attempts.

The parents of The Babies.  Alone at last.

The son-in-law has issues with engines that have starting cords.  He seems to have mastered the auger however.

No Icarus here.

Or here.

The story of my life.  Lots of gray, black, & white with just a bit of color.

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2 comments: said...

I am always surprised at the ammount of people who like to go ice fishing.
That sure looks like a fun time.

Us said...

boy, that perch was a monster!