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Saturday, October 9, 2010

OK, So I Thought I Wouldn't Get A Post Done Today Since I'd Be Out Camping But I Discovered Via My ITouch That I Had A WiFi Signal So Here You Are With A Special Treat

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Lake Superior just off the mouth of the Brule River.  The wind is from the northeast which should drive some fish up into the river.

Two eagles just up from the mouth of the Brule.  They appeared very tame & if I had a longer lens I would have really had some close ups.  I know, bitch, bitch, bitch.

Another photo of the 2 bald eagles.

& another, but only of one of the 2 eagles.  I guess y'all could have guessed at that.

& another.

I got a little artsy-fartsy with this one.  I kind of like it.

More of the lower Brule.

This is the place we had dinner tonight.  It was fine.  We had about the best pizza I've eaten since the Pizza Luce pizza I had down in Minneapolis with the darling daughter,  Oh, & there was also a great looking young bartender who had a lot of great ideas, including his notion of hunting bears with dogs as an execution rather than a hunt.  I couldn't agree more.

My friend's Trooper & camper.  

More wind off the mouth of the Brule.

& now the big surprise, The Daily Doe in video.  This is from my game camera, which can take short video clips.  I have a pretty funny one of a young male deer scratching his ear, but, as you know a male deer can't be a doe unless I use my super powers (see below) & determine that he is in fact a genetic anomaly - a doe with antlers.

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1 comment:

Spadoman said...

Those are cool photos. We have plenty of eagl;es and deer around these parts too, and the Kinnikinnic River is a nice sight, but I miss the big lake a lot.
Thought I had a chance to get the Cabin back from Tony, but it didn't happen. I'll have to be satisfied with the Crest Motel.
I like both your blogs.