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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Found Two Can Openers With My Metal Detector Today But You Won't See A Picture Of Them Today Because Today I Stopped At An Abandoned Black Granite Quarry So There Plus Patience Is A Virtue & Builds Character But Patience Could Be A Vulture & Then What Does It Build?

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This is an almost complete reflection from a granite quarry pond west of Mellen, Wisco.  Almost because in the lower left is a non-reflected piece of granite.

This is a another pic of the granite quarry pond.  I sure wish the graffiti wasn't there, but....

More quarry & reflection.  It was really neat being there this late afternoon.

More quarry.  Apparently, a piece of granite from this quarry is part of JFK's grave-site/gravestone.

Since I was not about to swim across the quarry pond with paint remover, I have embraced the paint & made it part of myself or something like that.

A dead tree standing next to the boat landing on Potter Lake.

Oops, more quarry.  I pretty much fell in love again today.  I promise this is the last one.

Sunset from the town road approaching coldH2Owiville.  Sunsets are great everywhere I think unless you don't want the daylight to end because you left your flashlight at home or in your car & your a couple of miles away from your car.

Alright, alright.  Here she is, The Daily Doe

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