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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Hard Staining A Deck In October Even If The Temperature Is In The Low 70's What With Trying To Dodge The Falling Leaves & Wishing You Were Doing Anything But This

This is the deck mentioned in the title of this post. Note the leaves. It's hard to tell the color of the semi-transparent stain - it's sorta red, sorta brown, more red than brown.  Anyway, the first coat of stain is done.

This is one of the elk that were released south of coldH2Owiville.  Note the collar, it's a radio collar, not an adornment developed by the elk to prettify themselves.  This cow was one of a harem I saw along the side of the highway.  I didn't see the bull this day.  

It is gratifying to see that at least some living thing that breathes air is happy to flirt with me.  

More of the elk.  Man they are big.  Too bad they are Rocky Mountain elk rather than the indigenous Eastern or Woodland elk that have been extinct in Wisco since 1886.

This one of The Babies just about to somersault.  Note the tag fox paw.  Since it is one of The Babies we shall not speak of it again. 

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