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Saturday, October 16, 2010

It Was A Long Day Of Work Around Here, The Kid Split Wood, The Son-In-Law Cut Wood, Mrs. coldH2Owi Spent The Day Holed Up In The Basement Cleaning It Up So That We Can Get It All Dirty Again By Throwing Down & Piling Up Wood. I, Of Course, Planted Trees, Well, To Be Truthful, I Planted One Tree, A Pear Tree, But I Did Dig A Hole For Another Tree, A Plum Tree, That I Will Plant Tomorrow, I Promise. Anyway, Here Are Some Pics That Do Not Include Any Of Splitting Wood Or Of Cutting Wood, Go Figure

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Here we are, the fabulous Minnesota Twins, aka Lucy & Marigny with our favorite chicken, Puffy Cheeks Jewelry Polish Cindrella, aka Big Sister in a previous incarnation which was before Jewelry Polish went off to join the resident Wild Turkey family.

DaDa otherwise know as the Son-In-Law practicing his leaf diving form.  This was on a break from his work as a lumberjack.

Marigny practicing her leaf diving form which is clearly superior to DaDa.

Fun In The Leaves

More Fun

Double Fun In The Leaves

More double fun or is it double trouble?

Searching for DaDa.

More fun.

These flowers are in the garden on October 16, 2010.  Unbelievable.  Beautiful.

The Daily Doe

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