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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Great Chicken Butchering Of 2010 Is Here Forever Established In Digital Form As Long As The Internets & Intertubes Last. Now, If Only The Damned Upright Freezer Will Work - The Temperature Alarm Went Off Pretty Much All Night As Attested By The Ultra-Sensitive & Darling Daughter

The cleanest, neatest, carefulest chicken butcher of all time.  Oh yeah, the Darlingest Daughter also.  Note Fortress Poultry, as some have named it, in the background.

Almost two interested onlookers.  This is what happens, however, when a baby centipede is spotted in the leaf litter.  

Feeding earthworms to the chickens.  It's the middle of October & we are still finding earthworms in the surface soil.  & the morons & nitwits of the ReThug Party deny the existence of global warming.  What's happened to science in the public mind during my lifetime may well prove disastrous not only to America, but also to the world. 

More earthworms, more feeding.  Oh, somehow The Babies fed the chickens without getting pecked, amazing rapport & amazing reflexes.

Fruits of the butchering besides the actual chicken - gizzards!

...fruits - livers!

...fruits - necks!

...fruits - fat!

...fruits - eggs!  The four immature eggs on the right are just yolks, while the larger egg on the left has its shell beginning to form although at this stage is is very soft.  I think this is cool.  We also got 3 or 4 real eggs yesterday, I suppose those particular, but anonymous, hens felt the need to do something to show they ought to live, live & lay eggs.

...fruits - rendering the chicken fat!  The Darling Daughter also cooked up some onions in the fat & boy were they good.  Chicken fat is something that we have never kept before.  I think we will keep it from now on.

Mornings can be very, very difficult for some of us, this morning Lucy Mae had a hard time figuring out daylight from sleep from bagel from toast from oatmeal from corn flakes.  

& now, yes, now The Daily Doe

No, I did not poach this animal, the photo is historical, a couple of years old.  Big doe, eh?

NOTE:  We also had hearts! as fruits of the butchering as well.  I think they were beneath the livers.

NOTE 2:  Click 'em to BIG 'em.

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