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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Outing Today - A Beautiful Sunday With Rides In A 1926 Ford Driven By Jan Cameron Who Really Knows How To Drive & Also Really Knows How To Be A Wonderful & Warm Person

Click 'em to big 'em, as if y'all  already don't know that but I'm big on repetition, sort of, when the notion strikes me & it strikes me right now.  Click 'em to big 'em.

Grandma & Lucy ready to ride the 1926 Ford.

Mama & The Babies.  Go see their blog because if you don't sand flies & wood ticks & deer ticks will somehow crawl up your ear canals, yes both, & then on to your brains & then you know what happens.

Mama & Marigny in the passenger's seat.

The Babies riding the fenders.

Family getting ready to travel in style.

Mrs. coldH2Owi & Jan C. driving up from Ashland, Wisco's, marina to the famous, I mean famous, Penn building.

Mama & Dada looking good.

Dada looking exceptionally cool & deboner & chick, eh?

Another pic of the family waiting to ride in front of the famous & I mean famous Penn building.

The Daily Doe
I got the game camera set up down in the ravine & this is the first deer of the season.  I cropped the original photo so you don't see the time stamp, but this was taken at 1:18 a.m.

The Daily Doe Bonus

Even though their isn't a white-tailed deer in this photo, The Babies felt these four ravens ought to appear on the blog because we all felt there were only three ravens at first until Miss Marigny spotted the fourth raven.  It was a great catch.  Yes, I do have help with this blog.  Rest assured, however, that The Babies have been fast asleep for a couple of hours & I'm finally getting the photos onto the internets.

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