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Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Almost White-Tailed Deer Season - Gun Version

I got ready today for my recently annual deer hunt by setting up my blind. As you will see in the following photos I climbed deep into the foothills of the Penokee Mountains.  I wanted to get away from too much western civ.

Blind on left, view down into ravine where I hope to shoot & kill Bambi's father.

The blind.

The blind again.

The blind from behind.  Yes we have snow on the ground.  It been an iffy proposition to predict snow for deer season.the last few years.

A Piliated Woodpecker flying away from me.  If I'd been a bit faster, & with a longer lens, I would have  had some pretty cool shots.

Here's an extremely cropped image of the woodpecker.  They are really cool birds.  & big.

OK, I lied.  Here is the truth in terms of the location of my blind.  I do, however, actually  live in the foothills of the Penokees, such as they are.

The Daily Doe

Click 'em to big 'em.

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