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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Doc Is Unhappy, But Not Me, I'm Still Relatively Vertical & It's A Very Minor Infection -Wait, WTF? This Isn't A Medical Blog Or A Poor Me Blog (Well, Sort Of) Anyway Here's Some Pics

Here are three fun-with-camera photos.  They were, obviously, taken at xmas.  If you really do click 'em to big 'em, you'll see they are pretty cool.  




This is just about the extent of the "urban" skyline in Ashland, Wisco.  




Snow stuff.  
Animal track, I think it's a cottontail rabbit.  

A snow landscape.

A Bird, Bird, Bird, A Bird Is A Word.*

A Special Treat For You, My Loyal Viewers

The Daily Doe(s) & A Gray Squirrel 

*Youthful memory:  I actually skated, hand-in-hand, with a girl, yes, it's true, to this song.  I know it's hard to believe, the girl-part, but it happened in Rhinelander, Wisco, at the Pioneer Park Skating Rink, which was a fast-pitch softball field in the summer. The song, a meditation on, on something was sung by, wait for it, The Trashmen, a band from Minneapolis, MN, so less.  I guess Minneapolis was pretty close to some sort of surfing.  The actual title is Surfin' Bird.

You can't click it to big it with the video.  As for the photos, yes, you can 

Click 'em to big 'em.

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Us said...

trying to picture you on skate, couple with hand holding.......just not coming to me! ;-)