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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Cat, Two Unseen Dogs, A Bunch Of Celebrating, A Doe & Her Fawn & A Buck & Of Course, The Babies

The Jolie & CoCo are in their crates & The Babies are holding candles in celebration of the dog's birthday, January 1.


Celebrating New Year's in the rain.

More celebrating.

Still more celebrating.  The Babies waited all week to get the noisemakers into their mouths.

Happy family - happy New Year.

Mama is not smoking a cigarette.

Lollipop lounging.

Lolly in mouth, chocolate on nose.

Tab Benoit, the cat, thinks if he sits in a box he will become an xmas present.

Sigh, getting ready to leave.

The Daily Doe(s) & a Buck for your thoughts.

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I mean it, see?

1 comment:

Us said...

the picture of the girls walking toward the camera with the noisemakers just cracks me up! lucy thinks she is large and in charge!!