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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Very Early On New Year's Eve 2010

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I got back home after a bit of New Year's Eve shopping & these three creatures had emerged from the snow.

One snowman, the fourth, couldn't take the heat or the wind or the rain on this warm, wet Dec. 30, 2010.  At least he fell with a carrot in his nose, wait a minute, that should be a carrot as his nose.

These are the snowmen, under the twinkle lights.

Reflection in the rain on Dec. 30.  Unreal.

View from the driver's seat of my truck.

Snow curling off the sauna roof.

From the looks on their faces, neither of them is too thrilled with this gift.

The Daily Doe

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Us said...

i really really really love my husband, er, rug beater!