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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sorry For The Lack Of Posting - Been Busy, Sort Of, Doing xmas Stuff

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Brunsweiler River

Downtown Ashland, Wisco, Early One Morning

Patrons of The Black Cat Coffee House, Ashland, Wisco

More Black Cat

Another Cat patron, bald-headed variety.

The lonely Land Cruiser, someday maybe, eh?

The lonely & empty blind.

 The non-lonely Barb, Black Cat patron.

 The non-lonely & young Krista.  Also a cute Cat patron.

& now for something completely different - The Babies & their art.

Pumpkin Art I.

Pumpkin Art II.

Pumpkin Art III.*

 The Babies displaying their Princess Chair creation.**

xmas cactus.



The Daily Doe, or The Ear & more.

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*The Babies carefully removed my toothpicks from my personal toothpick carrier.  No harm was done, I just have an artistic toothpick holder, albeit not as portable as the previous one.

**The Babies, for some reason, are excited about the upcoming royal nuptials in the UK.  I think their mother is the excited one, she sees it as a reason to host a party.  

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