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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Babies, Eyes, Flowers Or Ruffed Grouse They Are All The Same

This Baby Is Not Electo-Girl, The Fence Has Been Turned Off For The Season.

These Eyes Have It

A Baby In The Raspberries In Late October, Now Tell Me This Isn't An Example Of Global Warming You Moron Right-Wing Sickos (No Disrespect At All To Michael Moore, BTW) Although The Berries Are, Yes, Are, Tasty

Three Hollyhock Photos



The Daily Doe Again

& Again Out Of Place - I'm Using The Old Photo Uploader & Have Finally Gotten Tired Of All The B.S. So I'm Just Leaving The Damn Doe Right Here, OK?

A Couple Of Pics Of A Grouse In Our Flowering Crab From Last Year, Obviously Since It Has Yet To Snow Yet This Fall



1 comment:

Us said...

that second hollyhock picture is really nice with the backlighting of the flower.